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This might be the most important letter you'll ever read...

There Are Only Two Things That You Need To Make Massive Amounts of Money on the Internet

A Quality Product to Sell


A Market to Take It To

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Sounds simple, well yes it can be simple if you work smart not hard.

The very first thing you must do before you find a market is have a quality product to take to that market

You can do it all by yourself, or Do you think that it would be a lot easier if you already had a unique product to take to that market

Why Not Let Others Do All The Time Consuming Hard Work, Leaving You Free To Simply Market The Products And Rake In The Profits

If you want to have the edge over other marketers, then read every word of this letter

You’ll get more benefits from reading this letter than purchasing any other product on the internet today

Every Once in a While Something Comes Along That Changes Everything

We live in a time where we need to be specialised in one area instead of trying to do it all ourselves

Here at, we spend all of our time creating great products (Private Label Audio Books) and want you or someone, like you to take them to the market.

We are positioning ourselves as opportunity creators not marketing experts

There are lots and lots of people who will teach you how to market, but it can be very difficult to find Quality products on a regular basis to market.

In fact after purchasing product after product, only to find that, the creators had put almost all of their effort into the sales page and very little into the actual product.

I decided that I needed a better product.

Yes there are some really great products out there, but I found that the really good ones were very inflexible in their resale rights

So I decided that I would have to create my own

I have come up with this combination of products (Information Audio Books) with a mixture of Private label, resale, master resale rights, and there is even one that will have giveaway rights each month.

I have kept some control of some of the rights to each product to retain the value for these limited edition products

How much do you think that this would be worth to you?

I Have Put a Limit On The Number That I Will Sell

I have been involved with many membership sites that have been limited to between 500 to 2000 members and only on rare occasion have I ever come across a product that is recognisable as being form one of those memberships, being resold on the internet.

The Truth is a lot of people who belong to such memberships sites never do anything or do very little, with the products the purchase

The point I am trying to make here is that large numbers such as from 1000 – 2000 may sound like a lot of competition but the market is so large that there is plenty of room for every body

Just compare yourself as an internet marketer to a brick and mortar book shop

How many bookstores are there out there and how limited is their market, in most cases they are limited by their geographical location.

As an internet  marketer you are only limited by the effort you put in.

We live in a time where it’s possible to reach out to the whole world to market to

This offer is being limited to 800 members, 500 have already been reserved for another offer.

That only  leaves 300 memberships available

Do you think such a small membership might increase the value?

Why Would You Try To Do It Yourself, When You Can Get Quality Products For Less Than 1 cent on The Dollar of The Products Production Cost.

Just think about the savings in time you are making

  • Research a market
  • Choose a topic
  • Research the topic
  • Draft the product
  • Write the product or contract it out to a freelancer
  • Proof the product
  • Find a reliable voice over artist
  • Wait to get it back
  • Proof the audio
  • Create the graphics or get another freelancer
  • Write the sales letter or employ a copywriter (watch the dollars disappear here)
  • Build the website

But No More…

For a very small monthly fee you can skip all of the steps above

Now here is where you will be starting from with just one of the TheAudioBookWholesalers Products

 But you won’t be getting just one product, you will be getting three products, every month.

Yes 3 unique products each and every month as long as you stay a member

That’s right you can own a low cost, quality alternative to creating a product yourself

Do you think that would give you a head start on the competition?

When You're Lying In Bed Tonight And Staring At The Ceiling Imagine How Much Easier Your Life Would Be With Your Own Unique Products
With Your Name On Them, Building Your Credibility And Pumping Cash Into Your Bank Account

If You Have Only Been Selling Affiliate Products Then This Is For You

Why would you settle for 40%,50%, 60% or even 80% when you can get 100% of each and every  sale

Yep that right you own it, put your name on it, if you want, and keep all of the cash or you could set up your own affiliate program

It’s an obvious strategy that will grow your business and in some cases, it will more than double your income with the same amount of sales

 Tons Of People Are Jumping On The Bandwagon, Are You Being Left Behind

Act now, once you leave this page, you might never see this offer ever again we all know how big the internet is and how many new things are coming along to distract us

Once all the positions are full then no one will be able to get a position unless someone cancels their membership

With this membership you can solve all of your problems forever for less than the cost to buy one takeaway meal for the family each month

Every Once in a While Something Comes Along That Changes Everything

Who Is My Market?

Well because you have reached this page then there is a very strong indication that it is You

There will be a whole range of people who this offer is design for but I will be honest I am looking for Long term customers so I can spend as little time as possible marketing, and more creating so to keep the wholesale price of my products, as low as possible, and also to achieve the profit I need, to make this worthwhile and workable

You may be a first time marketer or a full time marketer from a hobby basis to a professional marketer.  These products may be your only line or just another stock item.
You may be a serious collector of audio books who has no intension of reselling them yet or You be someone who is looking to build up a few products while you are learning the Internet Marketing trade

Audio Books Are Supreme

Why audio books
Videos are the latest craze and becoming very popular as they reach out and draw more people into cyberspace.

But they have one major drawback they are the least portable of all the information products, and audio is the most portable.

Yes it is even more portable than the written word as it can be consumed at time when it is not possible to read or watch video.

Some of the people who struggle with the written word are attracted to video and this is drawing them into cyber space, where they have been reluctant to go before.

But audio, still has the advantage, because it is more portable.

Most informational video products are simply an audio product with pictures.

 Ok I will agree that audio cannot compete with screen shots in technical demonstrations but most of the other informational videos are just audios with pictures, and they confine the user to the computer work station.

Can you see that?
There is a stronger and building market for audio, because of video.

And hey there is nothing stopping you from putting up a few pictures with the audio tracts, to make your new products into videos, you can do this to move some of the new video market into audio.

After all, all of my products are private label.

What Will You Get

The Primary Audio Book
Each month you will get 3 audio books.

All have non-transferable private label Rights so you can brand them as your own and even claim to be the author if you like. You can edit them in any way you want.

Each month they will be presented as a primary product with a bonus, and a second product to make a total of three audio Books which are downloadable mp3’s and transcripts which come in the form of word .doc/ .pdf or both.

The Primary product comes with Non-Transferable Private Label Master Resale Rights
This means that anyone you sell this audio book to will only get resale rights if you choose to pass them on.

All of the Audio books comes with sale pages with audio sample, thankyou pages, editable Graphic and much more

The Bonus Audio Book

This audio book, comes with full rights, with these two exceptions,

you - Can Not Give Away Resell Rights and
you - Can Not Give Away Private Label Rights, they must be sold.

Any else goes these audio books will have less resale value but with the most possible uses the will be valuable for building up your business and customer base.

The Second Product

This Product Is the most protected and comes with Resale Right only.
You and other purchaser of my products  will be the only People reselling this category of audio books


Once you purchase a product from me they become yours but you must still comply with the rules set out in the license.

The Purpose of This Offer

This offer is for you to reserve a spot at a limited edition audio book wholesaling site
The short term goal of “” is to have different levels of participation with different offers.

The offer that you are looking at now is the very first stage to roll out,

And this offer will only be available to the first 300 who sign up with an intension to purchase each month’s new issues.

 In saying that you can cancel the reservation of your spot at this site for the limited edition audio Book collection at any time.

But if you have no intension of purchasing this collection of audio books each month then please do not purchase this offer, as you will be taking up a spot that will cause someone else to miss out.


Any customer who upon receiving the audio books decides that the audio books do not match the Quality as described in this  sales letter and wish to cancel I will refund 100% of the payment after the second payment has been recieved it is deemed that you know what “” is all about and any guarantee will be expired.

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Resellers License

To retain your reseller’s license you must remain a customer for four consecutive months.

 I have included this rule to help retain the value of the product and help ensure that only serious marketer/collectors join the site. 

So Why Don’t I Keep This All to Myself?

Well to tell the truth that was my original plan but  there are  2 major reasons why I have decided to give you the opportunity to market my products.
1. I am spending all my time creating 3 great products each month and loving it. That there is not enough time left

2. The internet and the world is such a big place that I alone could not do these products justice. How many lives can I touch by help  you, and having you, take my product to the world. I don’t need my name on something to know I am doing something worthwhile and good

Wrapping It Up

I could and should use the next part of this page to convince you of the value of audio books as I briefly touched on the topic when I was talking about videos.

The truth is that there are a lot of people that will never listen to an audio book in their life

But there are endless times when audio books can be used and I not going to start a list here
You are an intelligent person and you have already proven that to me by showing interest in this offer.

So can you think of times and reason that audio book can be used, and in fact are very valuable,

For every one of those reasons there is a market, and for every market, there is an opportunity to earn Income.

Hey that it for me for now I have already taken up to much of your time .

Have a look around and if this offer fits into you Plans, Goals or Desires then click on the link below to create your membership.


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 Still Not Convinced

Well all I can do now is let you have a little look at the type of product that you will be getting

Click on the book cover Icon to see a sample of each website and get to an audio sample


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No Image

Bonus Product

Main Product 

2nd Product

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 They Can Be Yours Right Now

How Much Would You Expect to Pay for All of This

$127.00   $97.00   $87.00    $67.00

That Right  The Next 43 People Can Get In For Only $67.00

But Be Quick This Offer Can Not Last Forever

Yes Gregg This Opportunity Is To Good To Miss Out On
And I Am Going To Grab My Spot In This Amazing Membership
Right Now

Then Go Ahead

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Would Anyone Want to Resell Private Label Audio Books

Here's a couple of videos I found on YouTube

They will help you understand the value of this exclusive offer and more important the back end offer(one time offer)

These two videos are worth watching
Even If You Are Not Intrested

"Purchasing My Audio Book Products"

They are a product on there own and they are free



Part II is below

Could Audio Books (information Products) Fit your Plan
Quality recorded audio-books and ready made websites take almost all the work out of the production side of Internet Marketing
Leaving you free to concentrat on marketing

Did You Notice That Both of The Videos Above
Are Audio With Pictures

so if you were to add a few pictures you could create video of this Quality

Here at The Audio Book Wholesaler
We have already done all the hard work for You

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All are Private Label and each comes with different combination of  rights
Great for list building front end back end upsell or downsell

A Collection of Three Products

Design to Cover All Aspects of Viral Marketing

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