The audio-book-wholesaler.com is currently a one person business. That has been established to by Gregg R. Watson.

The purpose of this website is to supply quality audio information products for others to resell
This site has been established with an affiliate program to try and help reach more people

Due to lower overheads it is possible to produce high quality low-cost products with Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, and Private Label Rights

Because of his belief, in audio, being one of the best forms of self development, the focus on the site is primarily audio books and secondly video products.

The market seems to be looking for video products more and more.

But the biggest drawback to video products is a tied you to your computer.

Video products do have an advantage in situations where live viewable demonstrations make it easier to get a clear picture of the information being received.

But Audio is still better

The biggest advantage in audio is its portability
Information can be taken in any place at any time, with the aid of an mp3 player.

And don’t forget that with Private Label Audio Products, You can create videos and the audio tracks are already done for you